24 03 2024 - 01 04 2024


Hele dagen

Barcelona Dance event, Spanien

Hola from Barcelona Dance Award, Europe Dance Championship for Dance Schools, Companies and Groups from all over, in Spain from 28 March to 01 April 2024 during Easter Spring Time!

Available places to register are running out: don’t miss the chance taking part to one of the the best competitions for dance schools in the world, where you can perform in a “Spanish Tourneè”!

Event for Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and each other kind of dance art, Dance Team Showcases
& International Dance Competitions, all ages, and ability levels Welcome.

The dance competition will be held in classic theaters, 2024 Dance Europe Championships are terrifically enjoyable
and, marking the long-awaited launch of Your Dance Group, it promises even better things to come for there is in
“Barcelona Dance Award” all that “DanceLife” can afford!

To find out how to qualify, mail the office ASAP, unfortunately, in this year edition, space has been limited and many groups have failed to register, and we hope do not have this kind of problems, for your dance group, next editions!

Info-Program and Fee: