12 - 16 04 2023


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World Folklore Festival, Cannes


World Folklore Festival – Cote d’Azur – Sanremo 2023 – Diano Marina – Cannes


Esteemed president, we invite You to participate in the best World Folklore Festival held in Cote d’Azur, where You would have, besides four performances, also visit Sanremo, Nice, Diano Marina and Monaco, and Monte Carlo.

Official participants of the spring festival:
The official list of participants of the spring 2023. festival


In the continuation of the text we are sending You the dates for the spring and autumn of 2023:

The terms – dates for the spring 2023 edition are:

12 – 16 April

22 – 26 April

The terms – dates for the autumn 2023 edition are:

02 – 06 October

07 – 11 October


This is the best and the most massive folk dance festival in the world where all the participants, besides 5 performances during the festival, also visit Èze – perfume factory Fragonard (General sponsor of the festival), Nice, Monaco, and Monte Carlo, Sanremo, and Cannes.



Esteemed president, we hope that one of the specified terms – dates suit You and that we will see each other in the beautiful Cote D’Azur and together enjoy the best folk dance festival in the world and on which different cultures from all over the world can be seen.

The cotisation per person is 185, – euros. That amount includes 4 half-boards – night, breakfast, and dinner.

The conditions of participation are explained in detail in the program of the festival attached below.
Your first step would be to select the term that suits You the most and to write to us about how many of Your members would travel to the festival.
After that, we will send You the official invitation letter for participation in the festival.

The official program of the World Folklore Festival Sanremo 2023

The official program schedule of the World Folklore Festival Sanremo 2023


https://youtu.be/UzE6LWOd5xY – Video material from autumn 2023.

https://youtu.be/VPzyocsNJgE   – Video material from spring 2023.


https://shorturl.at/cBGU0            – Official YouTube channel of the festival

Photographs from the festivals